IUCN Freshwater Fish Specialist Group

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Since 2005, regular FFSG meetings have brought together leading experts from around the world in an effort to address the difficulties facing freshwater fish. The aims of the meetings are to foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas between colleagues interested in freshwater fishes and other freshwater life; to help develop international strategy and policy; and to support worthwhile practical initiatives in conservation and sustainability worldwide.

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Please note that the new dates for the 2014 Annual Meeting are Dec. 10th and 11th. These meetings will take place in Cuernavaca, Mexico and will be held in conjunction with meetings for IUCN’s Freshwater Conservation Subcommittee. Please check back here for more information over the coming weeks.

2014 annual meeting announcement

2012 FFSG Meeting

2012 Annual Meeting
Global Challenges in Caring for and Conserving Freshwater Fishes
1–3 May 2012
Chester, UK

The meeting, held in liaison with the 6th World Fisheries Congress (7-11 May 2012, Edinburgh), was attended by 65 of the world’s leading freshwater fish experts, representing 16 countries. Chaired by Professor Gordon McGregor Reid, the meeting consisted of some 40 short talks covering topics on:
• Strategic issues in freshwater and estuarine fish conservation
• Freshwater and estuarine fish survival in the geographical regions
• Specialised habitats, specialised fishes and special problems including for cave fishes, live bearers, rapid water, and migratory fishes
• Action for sustainability, The ‘Green Fish’ Sustainable Fisheries Eco-labelling Initiative

The meeting also hosted five workshops:
• Wrestling with eels: establishing a future for the European eel
• Prospects for establishing a global freshwater fish observatory network
• Mitigating the impact of dams on migratory and other freshwater fish species
• The Green Fish Initiative
• Prospects for a Census of Freshwater Life Project

Download the meeting leaflet here
Download the full programme here


2010 FFSG Meeting

FWF Symposium
Annual Meeting
4-7 November 2010
Chester, UK

Fifty-five conservation biologists, research scientists, and specialists from zoos and aquariums, from 21 countries, met for the 4th International Zoo and Aquarium Symposium on Global Freshwater Fishes: linking in situ and ex situ actions. The meeting was held in conjunction with the 2010 Annual Meeting of the FFSG and the programme included lectures and workshops on the following themes:
• Integrated regional in situ and ex situ conservation
• Genetic management of freshwater fish populations
• Integrated species management – which species benefit from ex situ management?
• Husbandry and management of endangered freshwater fish species in aquariums.

IUCN Web Story about the meeting here


2008 FFSG Meeting

Annual Meeting
17-18 March 2008
Chester, UK

The meeting was attended by 46 delegates, representing more than 18 countries (including Russia, Thailand, North America, UK, Malaysia and South Africa).

As well as updates from Regional Chairs and Special Advisors, the programme included talks on the following topics:
• Sustainable ornamental fisheries and conservation
• Reintroduction
• Global IUCN Red List assessments and conservation statuses
• FishBase
• New fish conservation publication


2007 FFSG Meeting

FFSG Group 2007
Annual Meeting
5-6 March 2007
Chester, UK

The meeting was attended by 22 delegates, representing 13 countries (including Brazil, Qatar, South Africa, Nigeria, North America, UK and India).

The goals of the meeting were to :
• share updates on FFSG and regional issues
• formalise and document 10 year strategy and business plan
• draft campaign letter for fundraising
• finalize text and format for the FFSG brochure
• establish the regional boundaries for FFSG vice-chairs
• propose case studies for the IUCN Red List Index (Sampled Approach) publication


2006 FFSG Meeting


Annual Meeting
7-8 March 2006
Chester, UK

The meeting was attended by 22 delegates, representing 11 countries (including Brazil, Mexico, Nepal, Fiji and Ghana).

The goals of the meeting were to develop:
• the structure and management of the FFSG
• two and five year strategies
• high priority practical actions in situ and ex situ
• a global assessment proposal
• a fundraising strategy


2005 FFSG Meeting

DSCN0021Inaugural Meeting
9 March 2005
Chester, UK

The group’s inaugural meeting was held in 2005 in Chester, UK. Amongst the participants were experts from various organisations and regions including South America, North America, Central America, Africa, South Asia, Oceania, UK, Europe and Southeast Asia.

During this meeting, the group drew up the FFSG’s Vision and Mission.