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‘Saving Freshwater Fishes and Habitats’ Newsletter

Since relaunching the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group newsletter ‘Saving Freshwater Fishes and Habitats’ in 2012, we aim to publish the newsletter once every three to four months. The scope of the newsletter includes taxonomy, genetics, policy, evolution, species distributions, management, husbandry and ecology. We welcome news from recent events (workshops, meetings and conferences), updates from conservation projects that are taking place now and in the future – what challenges we are facing and plans, ideas and initiatives to outcome these hurdles. Regular features are a message from the Global Chair, FFSG updates, news from around the world and an opinion article.

Do you want to share news from your freshwater fish conservation project with a global audience? Are you doing fascinating research or organising an exciting event? Well, the FFSG newsletter could be the perfect way to tell your story!

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please email the FFSG at [email protected]

Latest issue

Front cover - Oct 2013

Saving Freshwater Fishes and Habitats
Issue 3 • October 2013

•  Thank you to Gordon McGregor Reid
•  Queensland’s endangered gobies
•  Endemic fish species of the Cape Floristic Region Biodiversity Hotspot
•  Redline torpedo barbs: Understanding conservation issues
•  And more…..

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Past issues

Front cover FFSG Newsletter - June 2013

Saving Freshwater Fishes and Habitats
Issue 2 • June 2013

•  Engaging the public in freshwater fish conservation
•  Introducing FFSG regions: Southern Africa
•  Fiji freshwater fish graces new 10-dollar bill
•  Kinabatangan River Spirit Initiative, Malaysia
•  A case for a global working group for migratory fish species
•  And more…..

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FFSG newsletter front cover - Mar 2013

Saving Freshwater Fishes and Habitats
Issue 1 • March 2013

•  Introducing FFSG Regions: Southwest Asia
•  Iraqi endemic cave fishes on the edge
•  From sea to source : an international movement for the restoration of fish migratory highways
•  European Hotspot Biodiversity
•  And more….

Download here [PDF, 8.5MB]

FFSG newsletter front cover - Dec 2012

Saving Freshwater Fishes and Habitats
Issue 2  •  December 2012

•  IUCN World Conservation Congress
•  Priceless or Worthless report includes five freshwater fish
•  FFSG South Asia Office
•  Tiny fish, big problem: Australia’s red-finned blue-eye battles for survival
• And more….

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FFSG newsletter front cover - July 2012
Freshwater Fish Specialist Group Newsletter
Issue 1 •  July 2012

•  FFSG Annual Meeting 2012
•  FFSG represented at the IUCN SSC Chairs’ meeting
•  Integrating activities of freshwater and marine fish groups
•  Evaluation of extinction risk workshop: Brazilian freshwater fishes
•  IUCN Anguillid Specialist Sub-Group
• And more….

Download here [PDF, 700KB]


FFSG newsletter front cover - July 2008

Freshwater Fish Specialist Group Newsletter
Issue 2 • July 2008

•  Azerbaijan- Russian joint expedition 2008: Assessment of freshwater fish diversity and ecology
•  Central Africa freshwater fish biodiversity workshop
•  Cryopreservation and cryo-banking of somatic cells, gametes and embryos of fish
•  Exp 2008: the world’s biggest water festival
• And more….

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FFSG newsletter front cover - May 2008


Freshwater Fish Specialist Group Newsletter
Issue 1 • May 2008

• First FFSG Programme Officer
• FFSG Annual Meeting 2008
• Launch of WWF/Nature Conservancy Freshwater Ecoregions
• International conference: Managing alien species for sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries
• And more…..

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