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FFSG welcomes new Global Chair, Dr Richard Sneider

In December 2013 Professor Gordon McGregor Reid has retired from his position as Global Chair of FFSG. Gordon has founded the group back in 2004 and has been leading it ever since. Will Darwall’s touching accolade was published in the latest FFSG newsletter.

Richard Sneider photo_cThe Freshwater Fish Specialist Group has flourished during Gordon’s leadership and it has been handed over to another amazing leader, Dr Richard Sneider. Richard is the CEO of One World Apparel LLC and Unger Fabrik LLC. With manufacturing in 14 countries, One World and Unger are leaders in the apparel manufacturing arena, distributing fashion clothing to most of the USA retail world.

Born in Mexico City in 1960, Richard came to the USA to pursue his university education; he earned his degree in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis from New College in Sarasota Florida in 1981, attended graduate courses in Harvard Medical School of Psychiatry, and Critical Thinking and Consciousness from University of Illinois, and obtained his PhD at Claremont Graduate School in Intellectual History in 1991. Richard’s doctoral dissertation was focused on the question of objectivity between science and ideology and the role this dialectics play in politics and history.

Richard has a deep-rooted interest in exploration and fieldwork. He is fascinated by nature, human societies, and their interaction. This has taken him to some of the most interesting and pristine places in the Americas, Africa, and Asia, where he has had the great fortune to be part of biodiversity monitoring programs, often in areas not previously surveyed or collected. He has been deeply involved in the world of Aquaria for 35 years and still designs, builds, and sustains freshwater eco-systems, as well as participated in freshwater fish field surveys in the Amazon, Mexico and Western Papua.

His concern for rainforest and freshwater habitats, which are critical ecosystems for the survival of the planet, and his appreciation that support for human communities is an essential component of conserving a healthy planet, have prompted him to join the Chairman’s Council of Conservation International, the Board at the Los Angeles Zoo, and the Board of the Humpty Dumpty Institute. Through these organisations, and through his own activities, he actively participates in field projects, biodiversity research and analysis, and funding and advocacy for environmental concerns.

Richard has taken over the role of Global Chair in December 2013. The FFSG are thrilled that he accepted the position and looking forward to see what the future holds for the group.