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The FFSG is supported by a global network of more than 190 members who provide authoritative and up-to-date information on the global conservation status and distribution of freshwater fishes.
Members assist the FFSG with advising on policy and strategy for the IUCN and Wetlands International, generating and disseminating sound scientific knowledge and raising awareness of the value of freshwater fishes. The FFSG is a community, and members are encouraged to collaborate and share their knowledge, experience and expertise with colleagues. A good opportunity to meet and connect with other members is at the FFSG meetings.
All members are kept up-to-date with the key activities of the FFSG, IUCN SSC and Wetlands International, have the opportunity to contribute to new conservation initiatives, and receive regular emails about upcoming funding opportunities, new publications, events and the latest news relating to freshwater fish conservation.
Do you work in ichthyology?
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We have become one of the largest IUCN-SSC Specialist Groups and must keep our membership at a manageable level. All of our members are expected to contribute to the efforts of the group and will be called upon for their expertise in a particular region, species, or topic. If you simply want to stay updated on FFSG activities, please subscribe to our newsletter.

To find out more about what is expected of our members, including how to apply for membership, please contact the FFSG Regional Chair for your region. If there is not currently a Regional Chair, please contact our general email address for inquiries ([email protected]).